More Skins

Hero chao : Chao Hero

Dark chao : Chao Dark

Red (Angry bird) : Dingding22_Angry Bird Red

Baby mario : Dingding22_Baby Mario

Balloon fighter : Dingding22_Balloon Fighter

Mini captain toad : Dingding22_Capitain Toad Mini

Doll tails : Dingding22_Doll Tails

Duck (Duck hunt) : Dingding22_Duck

Guppy (Insaniquarium) : Dingding22_Insaniquarium

Luigi kart : Dingding22_Luigi Kart

Ghost (Pac-man 2) : Dingding22_New Pac-man Ghost

Team boo : Dingding22_Team Boo

That all for now! 😀


What is  »Super Mario War »

That a little funny game

you want download it? Ok,go on this link :

and go on this link : , For more information

and this link for more skins and maps :

Download it,that so funny and cool! 😛